Tailored media training, strategy, and vital messaging. Intelligence-driven geopolitical and international political risk assessment. Social responsibility advisory plan with connection to key players. 

McKay Global has built an unparalleled network of on-the-ground, multi-faceted sourcing in all major hot zones around the world. We see things with local eyes.

What we doIntelligence-driven geopolitical and international political risk and due diligence assessments. Social responsibility advisory plan with connection to key players. Tailored media training, strategy, and vital messaging
How we do it    Investigates and produces highly detailed, well-written, strategic and inside intelligence driven reports pertaining to a region’s geopolitical climate, state and non-state group dynamics, identifying critical concerns and growth potential. Analyzes human rights issues, anticipates challenges, hot and cold conflicts, cyber concerns, human rights abuses and recommends courses of action for national security, government policy and business strategy.   Develops comprehensive social responsibility, highlighting how client can prevent problems before they arise and ensure projects thrive, and contribute to and benefit the communities in which they operate to ensure optimal local support and return.   Tailors individual and group media training sessions and strategy  
Where we goUS Domestic and Global. We have teams and leaders in dozens of countries, ready to roll.  
When we probe  Past, current and emerging crises, as well as future assessments and prevention planning.  
How we help youInvestigative in journalism, network analysis, criminal case development, conflict interpretation, consequence analysis and solutions identification. Uses unique access, perspective and subject matter expertise to engage world leaders, national governments, warlords, group leaders, militias, activist groups, NGO’s, corporate and business entities, and affected individuals.  
Why you seek it  Understanding geopolitical climates and the support of local communities is fundamental in lasting peace, security and success of projects and investments.