McKay Global founder Hollie McKay: War Reporter, Writer, Geopolitical analyst

More than 14 years as a journalist, writer, and war crimes investigator have enabled me to develop an unprecedented international network of sources and access to all parties involved in a crime, as well as an ability to decipher fact from fiction and analyze information objectively and without pre-conceived notions of biases. 

In almost every pocket of the planet, I have single-handedly cultivated and maintained a deep understanding of the various players, alliances, power players, and cultures that are implicated in often nuanced and complex conflicts and associated war crimes. 

In addition to ascertaining primary accounts, interviews and data, I have a strong background in research, anthropology, technical application, and open-source analysis to paint a thorough, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive picture of conflicts and political climates – large and small, no matter the player nor region. I have also trained and mentored teams of journalists, investigators, and researchers to similarly compile and review evidence as it relates to international violations.