Media Training, Strategy and Key Messaging

Your personality, and that of your company’s, is your best sell. Be prepared for the positives. And always for when crisis hits too.

McKay Global offers customized media training for CEOs, executives, leaders and representatives – in individual and group settings. Focus on your key messaging with precision, confidence, clarity and originality.

Tailor individual and group media training sessions and strategy  FOR EXECUTIVES, OFFICIALS, COMPANIES, INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP SETTINGS.

Investigate and produce highly detailed, well-written, strategic and inside intelligence driven reports pertaining to a region’s geopolitical climate, state and non-state group dynamics, identifying critical concerns and growth potential.

Analyze human rights issues, anticipate challenges, hot and cold conflicts, cyber concerns, human rights abuses and recommends courses of action for national security, government policy and business strategy.  

Develops comprehensive social responsibility, highlighting how client can prevent problems before they arise and ensure projects thrive, and contribute to and benefit the communities in which they operate to ensure optimal local support and return.  

Media training aids communicators in maintaining control of the interview, the most appropriate body language, understanding key inside nuances as to how the industry and its various mediums – from television, printed, digital, social media and beyond – so one can always put their best foot forward.

From on-camera drills, practice rounds and polishing the spoken word – the right media training is pivotal to not only communicate all projects and values succinctly, but navigate challenging interview terrain with charisma and confidence.

We got you.